A Queen Creek Student Develops a Lasting Bond With His Teacher

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With the holidays around the corner, it seems Family Stories Month couldn’t have better timing. Here at Legacy, we are celebrating this November with some of our own Legacy families’ stories. We spoke with Meagan Leavitt, a parent at Legacy Traditional School – Queen Creek, who sat down to share her son’s achievements at Legacy.

When Leavitt enrolled her son, she was hopeful, but had no idea about the long-term positive impact it would have on his school work.

“Before coming to Legacy, my 10-year-old struggled academically,” Leavitt said. “Luckily, we had Mrs. Wells.” Mrs. Wells, a first-grade teacher, made an immediate impact through her exciting lesson plans and hands-on teaching style. Her son’s grades began to improve, and she immediately noticed a renewed focus and drive to learn.

At the end of her son’s first-grade year, Mrs. Leavitt decided to take advantage of Legacy’s before and after-school enrichment programs through Legacy Kids Care.

“We continued the programs throughout his first-grade year and then into his second-grade year,” Leavitt said. “By the second semester of his second-grade year, he had improved so much that he could maintain those grades without the extra help.” Her son had achieved ‘Honor Roll’ for two consecutive semesters.

At the end of each school year, the campus holds an annual awards ceremony where parents and teachers gather around to recognize and celebrate their students’ academic achievements.

“I will never forget that awards ceremony,” Leavitt said. “Mrs. Wells knew that making ‘Honor Roll’ was such a huge accomplishment for him that when he came through the line, she did this little dance for him and gave him a big high-five.”

“It was remarkable that Mrs. Wells made an impact that lasted beyond being my son’s first-grade teacher,” Leavitt said. “Today, he is in the fifth grade and Mrs. Wells still checks up on him. He will never forget the teacher who helped him achieve his goals.”

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