It’s All in the Family at Legacy Traditional School – Chandler

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At Legacy, we want to be your partner in preparing your child to take on the world. So, this November, we asked parents to take a ride down memory lane and share inspiring, fun stories about your Legacy children for Family Stories Month.

Janelle Lau, a mother at Legacy Traditional Schools – Chandler, says Legacy’s extraordinary staff have made all the difference in her daughter’s learning experience.

“I remember when my daughter first joined Ms. Riker’s second-grade class,” Lau said. “Now, every day when she gets home from school, you know what she wants to play? School.”

Lau immediately knew she had found the perfect learning environment for her children.

“I mean, we recreated everything, from the classroom to the backpack and even lunchtime. I even had to be Ms. Riker!” Lau said.

Lau and her family have been with Legacy – Chandler for six years because of the advanced curriculum and the quality of the learning environment.

“Legacy has an impact,” Lau said. “My daughter just loves being there and what she’s learning and her experiences have been incomparable.”

Legacy’s back-to-basics approach to learning places emphasis on accelerated programs, building a well-rounded character and encouraging citizenship.

For Lau, it is the staff and their compassion towards learning and promoting a positive environment that sets Legacy apart from the rest.

“It is so impressive to me that all of the principals and the staff really know my kids, they know their names,” Lau said. “I am astounded that in a school of hundreds of kids that our staff is so integrated and invested that they’re able to make these personal connections.”

“Legacy’s excellent staff, principals and teachers have always been accessible to answer each and every question, Lau added. “They are prompt in responding to any concerns or challenges, and have been a beacon of trust for my kids.”

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