Legacy Traditional Schools expanding A-rated Maricopa, Queen Creek campuses to meet growing demand

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CHANDLER, AZ – In conjunction with National School Choice Week, Legacy Traditional Schools (LTS) is excited to announce the coming expansion of its Maricopa and Queen Creek campuses, which will add a combined 10,320 square feet of classroom space and accommodate approximately 300 additional students in those communities.

Both Maricopa and Queen Creek schools earned an “A” or “Excellent” rating from the Arizona State Board of Education based on their students’ performance on the 2018 AzMERIT and AIMS tests. Their expansions mean that hundreds of families currently on wait lists for these campuses will be able to enroll for the 2019-20 school year.

In Maricopa, the expansion will include four new classrooms spanning 3,650 square feet, with the capacity to serve 150 additional students.

“This is terrific news for Maricopa families who’ve been waiting patiently for a seat in our school,” said Amy Sundeen, Principal of LTS-Maricopa. “It’s clear that parental demand is high – and growing – for a Legacy Traditional education. We’re thrilled this expansion will allow us to accommodate the needs of so many in our community while enabling us to better serve our current students and staff.”

The addition at Legacy’s Queen Creek location will include a new, 6,670 square-foot detached facility that will house eight new classrooms with the capacity to serve an additional 150 students.

“What better way to celebrate National School Choice Week than to announce the expansion of a high- performing, A-rated public charter school right here in the Queen Creek community. This is wonderful news for Legacy and for the current and future classes of students who will benefit from a Legacy education,” said Adam McCoy, Principal of LTS-Queen Creek.

Construction on the campus expansions is slated for early March and is expected to be completed in early July.

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