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December 14, 2020Legacy Traditional Schools Providing Over 25,000 Free Meals to Students, Families Through Winter Break

2,541 breakfast and lunch meal bundles will be provided to students and their families.

Legacy Traditional Schools announced 2,541 FREE breakfast and lunch meal bundles will be provided to Legacy students and their families during winter break. Families attending each of Legacy’s 19 public and tuition-free campuses throughout Arizona and Nevada were eligible to pre-order meals. 

Throughout the 2020-21 school year, Legacy has provided approximately 423,000 free grab-and-go meals for students and their families attending online and in-person.

“For many students and families, school is the only provider of nutritious and low cost meals,” said Brittany Hunt, director of food service for Legacy Traditional Schools. “We are so proud to provide assurance to our Legacy communities that free meal options will continue to be available – whether families are learning in the classroom or virtually.”

Each of the meal bundles includes five breakfast entrees and five lunch entrees, as well as fruit and milk. The entrees are easily heated and each bundle includes nutrition and food safety information.  

“Through the winter break meal program, we’re able to provide meal access to our families, but also continued work for our food service teams at our campuses,” added Hunt. “Our food service teams show tremendous passion each day for supporting students. We’re so thankful for each of our team members who are preparing and delivering meals for curbside pickup before winter break.”

Legacy will be piloting a free meal bundle program for weekend pick-up beginning in early January 2021.

Does your child need meals during winter break? You can find locations where meals will be available during the break at the USDA Food & Nutrition Service website, located here. Additionally, Legacy will be handing out extra meal bundles at the end of the pick-up time at each Legacy campus. Dates and times can be found below:

Thursday, Dec. 17

3-4 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 18

12-1 p.m.