District Quill

September 22, 2020Expanding Civics Education For Legacy Students (AZ)

Legacy Traditional Schools, Arizona’s largest “A” rated and tuition-free public charter school network recognizes Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Celebration Day on Friday, Sept. 25 – emphasizing the need for children to be properly educated about the history and founding principles of the U.S.

 In his State of the State Address in January 2020, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called for new efforts to build on Arizona’s leadership in civics education. We are blessed to have one Arizonan who’s the ideal of this aspirational creed. Her life is a living civics lesson– and Arizona is fortunate to be home to the Institute that bears her name. I’m talking about Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Who better to hold as a model for the next generation?

 Since 2007, Legacy schools have pioneered civics education in its schools, encouraging students to grow into self-aware, well-informed, equitable and effective democratic citizens. Each morning, 23,000 Legacy students attending online and in-person join for Flag Ceremony to stand together, united, and recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

 On this Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Celebration Day, Legacy students will learn and live the principles found in our Standards of Citizenship, which include citizenship, loyalty, responsibility, and service.