Patriot Day Recognition (Northwest Tucson)

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Northwest Tucson

On Patriots Day, Legacy Northwest Tucson honored their registrar Teresa’s husband Darin (who is a fire chief) for his 28 years of fire service. Below is an excerpt from the speech Ardemis Martin gave in his honor:

“Today we have the honor of celebrating Tucson Fire Department’s Deputy Chief of Safety, Darin Wallentine. I have known Darin for many years and have always known he is a stand-up guy. I always knew that about him, but it really hit home three years ago at my father-in-law’s funeral. You see, I married into a firefighting family, and the day we laid Tucson Fire Department Captain John D. Martin to rest, there was Darin and his wife Teresa. The church was filled with firefighters, but one that stuck out to me was Darin. He didn’t have to come, but he did, because that is what police and fire do. They support their brothers and sisters till the end.

On that day three years ago, I had the honor of escorting my father-in-law in the last alarm fire truck, a fire truck that is dedicated to carrying firefighters to their final resting place. While in the fire truck, I was taken aback by all of the cars that pulled over on the road to salute my father-in-law on his last call. That day showed me the true respect and pride that we as Americans have for our first responders.

Darin, it is with true respect, pride and gratitude that we thank you.”

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