Teacher and Staff of the Month (Cadence)

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Teacher of the Month (August): Shaun Loveday (Sixth Grade Teacher)

Reason Nominated: Mr. Loveday has been helping out so many different people and trying to help two new teachers. He wants to do his best and works hard each day to do that. He’s been a great lead.

Staff of the Month (August): Lalaine Cusi (Registrar)

Reason Nominated: Lalaine has been working so hard to help with attendance, enrollment and schedules. She has had very complex tasks in organizing students into red and blue groups and she’s been amazing through all of it.

4 responses to “Teacher and Staff of the Month (Cadence)

  1. Ms. Lalaine is always so professional and very nice. Takes pride in her work and responds in a timely manner. Always problems solving when issues arise. Thank You Ms. Lalaine

  2. Thank you so much for your support and dedication. Without the guidence and support you give us this couldn’t happened thank you.

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