Teacher and Staff of the Month (Glendale)

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Teacher of the Month (August): Sara Mitchell (Second Grade Teacher)

Reason Nominated: For doing all the normal duties of a second grade teacher and being the lead teacher to help our new kindergarten team.

Staff of the Month (August): Ryan Tokarski (Facilities Team Member)

Reason Nominated: For working hard to clean our playground between each class recess throughout the day. He does it with a smile and is a great new addition to our facilities team.

2 responses to “Teacher and Staff of the Month (Glendale)

  1. Ms. Mitchel has always been one of my favorite teachers! Always speaking nicely about my son, being very motivational in all the parent/teacher conferences! And always explaining to the importance of attending school everyday! Well deserved! 🙂
    Thank you Ryan for keeping the playground spotless! No wonder kids love to play outside!

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