Teacher and Staff of the Month (Maricopa)

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Teacher of the Month (August): Tiffany Voyles (Kindergarten Teacher)

Reason Nominated: Tiffany is currently our AM kindergarten teacher. She’s stepped in to take our PM kindergarten position when needed without any hesitation. She is our kindergarten lead and does an exceptional job. She is positive and supportive of our team. During our fourth quarter virtual school, Tiffany took students on a virtual tour of her brother’s ranch in Northern Arizona and continues to be creative with her teaching.

Staff of the Month (August): Sara Nanny (SPED Paraprofessional)

Reason Nominated: Sara has been going above and beyond in assisting our general education staff with their modifications. She has been working on these after-hours and also for many hours before school starts, to help our teachers. Sara has worked closely with our ESS teachers and continues to provide great support for our students, while doing so with a positive attitude. Her efforts are greatly appreciated by our staff.

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  1. Mrs. Voyles, is an outstanding teacher, my family and I adore her, she always had time no matter how busy she was, she was very supportive and my kids were so happy and productive in school. They really loved being in kindergarten, we miss her so very much.
    So far 1st grade has not been the same for me and my kids, we are hopeful it will get better. Their teachers name is Ms. Cardon.

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