Teacher and Staff of the Month (November)

 |  Peoria

Teacher of the Month (November): Casey Morrell (Junior High Science and Math Teacher)

Reason Nominated: During the junior high lunch period, Mr. Morrell plays basketball with a group of students every day.  While playing basketball with the students, he is building relationships with them as well as learning about how they interact with one another in a social setting. This interaction with the students continues into the classroom where Mr. Morrell uses his conversations and experiences with them naturally in his lessons. He ties together real world experiences with the concepts they are learning in class. The students enjoy Mr. Morrell’s class because of his energy in the classroom and his ability to make the content relatable to them.

Staff of the Month (November): Ken Pham (Maintenance Team Member)

Reason Nominated: Ken has been asked to assist around campus in many different aspects this year.  No matter what the task is, Ken completes it with a smile showing his Puma Pride!

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