Teacher and Staff of the Month (October)

 |  Maricopa

Teacher of the Month (October): Julia Shoemaker (Sixth Grade and Junior High ELA Teacher)

Reason Nominated: Mrs. Julia Shoemaker was called upon to teach both sixth grade and junior high ELA since in-person learning began. She took on both roles with the expected professionalism that she exhibits on a daily basis for our campus. It goes without saying that our sixth grade teachers and junior high teachers are grateful for the role she took on, as they knew she had it covered. Our students benefited greatly by having a teacher with the vim and vigor she brings everyday to our campus. Thank you, Mrs. Shoemaker, for always putting the students first.

Staff of the Month (October): Fanta Vasquez (Health Assistant)

Reason Nominated: Fanta has been in the forefront of the everyday challenges that have come with our new world and protocols. She has diligently adhered to our policies and done so with a tender pair of gloves, to ensure the safety of our students and staff, as well as working with parents that entrust her to take care of their children. Our students and staff know that they are in the best of hands with Mrs. Vasquez. Our school is a better place with her leading the way. Thank you, Mrs. Vazquez, for always having our students’ best interest at heart.

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