Teacher and Staff of the Month (September)

 |  Casa Grande

Teacher of the Month (September): Debra Myers (Kindergarten Teacher)

Reason Nominated: Debra Meyers is our Kindergarten Lead Teacher. She leads her team with compassion and supports them at a high level. She always has a wonderful classroom environment and her students love her and want to do their very best. She builds relationships with her students and their families, as well as the staff on campus. Ms. Meyers goes above and beyond to support her team, as well as support her students in their learning and growth.

Staff of the Month (September): Vanessa Vierkoetter (Instructional Coach)

Reason Nominated: Vanessa Vierkoetter is our Instructional Coach. Ms. Vierkoetter works exceptionally hard to provide teachers with support not only for their in-person students but also their online students. With the new online platform, Vanessa has navigated all the ways to utilize Schoology and has supported the teachers in their learning of the platform as well. She is always upbeat and ready to take on any challenges that may come her way, as she supports the staff and ultimately the students in their learning.

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