Teacher and Staff of the Month (September)

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Teacher of the Month (September): Mr. Jesus Cardenas (Spanish Teacher)

Reason Nominated: Our teacher of the month for September 2020 goes out to Mr. Jesus Cardenas, our amazing Spanish teacher at the North Valley Campus. This new school year has been a challenging one but Mr. Jesus has tackled it with a smile on his face. He holds the ability to inspire children from all backgrounds. He respects his colleagues, students and parents. He doesn’t “skip a beat” and is a very interactive, hands-on, and fun teacher. Mr. Jesus represents our Legacy teachers well and symbolizes quality education.

Staff of the Month (September): Mrs. Samantha Brady (Instructional Coach)

Reason Nominated: Our staff of the month for September 2020 goes out to Mrs. Samantha Brady, our instructional coach at the North Valley Campus. She is one in a billion kind of coach! As an instructional coach, you have to be flexible and adaptable and Mrs. Brady is exactly that. She delivers outstanding education services which maximize student learning and wellbeing. Her knowledge, skills, and abilities are an asset to our Legacy family and we are very thankful for her.

Staff of the Month (September): Mrs. Eve Marie Diaz (Secretary)

Reason Nominated: Mrs. Evie, as we call her, has such a positive energy and cheerful personality. Her general knowledge and attitude make her an invaluable staff member. Her response to everything on any given day seems to be, “If you don’t know, you make it a point to find out and ensure that task is completed.” She is a fierce advocate for our students and parents. Her purpose is to be useful, compassionate and make a difference. She loves working at Legacy and we love working with her.

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