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Title I Programs


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Legacy Traditional Schools receives Title I (federal) funds to supplement our schools’ existing programs to purchase special services for struggling students. For more information, please read the documents below or contact your schools Instructional Coach.

For General information on our Title I program, please read: Annual Title I Meeting.

For information on Parental Involvement and your responsibilities as a parent, please read: Legacy Traditional School Parental Involvement Policy and School/Parent Compact (in ENGLISH or SPANISH). More information (including your school’s Parent Involvement Policy) is also available in our Parent/Student Handbook.

For information on the qualifications of your childs teachers, please contact any administrator at your childs school.

For information on our Title I plan or how to give your input, please contact the Federal Grants Coordinator at the Legacy Traditional School district office at 480-270-5438, ext. 1060.

For information on resources/support for Homeless students, please contact the Legacy Traditional School Homeless Liaison at 480-270-5438, ext. 1060.