Safe Return to School

Learning Options for 2020-21 School Year
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Safe Return to School
Virtual Town Hall

Join us Wednesday, July 15 at 5 p.m. for our Safe Return to School Virtual Town Hall
on the Legacy Traditional Schools District Facebook page.
We will be reviewing our back to school plans and answering your questions live.

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Two Options – One Legacy

Legacy is offering two learning options for this school year to meet the needs of our families. You can choose between in-person and online learning. Learn more about each one below.

In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning

  • As required by state/local authorities, students and staff will be expected to wear face coverings while on campus. If authorities lift this requirement, face coverings will then become recommended but optional.
  • Students are expected to conduct a self-screening of body temperature and other COVID-19-related symptoms prior to arriving on campus.
  • Students will wash their hands at least every 2 hours, before and after lunch, and before and after leaving the classroom.
  • There will be a modified lunch schedule, with students eating in their classrooms some days and in the cafeteria other days.
  • Additional cleaning measures will be in place to sanitize high touch surfaces daily. Evening custodians will also sanitize the entire building each evening.
  • Parents and visitors will not be permitted on campus. Students may only be picked up through the Driveline process, with the exception of late drop-offs and early pick-ups.


Online Learning

Online Learning

  • Students will receive 100% of learning online through Schoology, our online learning platform.
  • Students will receive full online instruction in math, phonograms, spelling, reading, writing, grammar, social studies and science.
  • Specials/electives will be offered on a limited basis and may differ from campus to campus.
  • Attendance will be tracked by monitoring students’ daily login to Schoology. Students will be marked absent if they do not log in.
  • Students will receive a mix of recorded video instruction, online discussions, assignments, quizzes and tests each week.
  • Live interaction with teachers will occur during tutoring sessions offered twice per week.
  • Online students and in-person students will have the same teacher, as much as possible.
  • Students who are in need of a loaner laptop to complete online learning will have the option of borrowing a device from your campus. Loaner laptops are only available on an as-needed basis, not for all students.

Online Learning Program Information

Latest Updates


Live Teaching Sessions for Arizona

Dear Legacy Families, We are excited to continue our Live Teaching Pilot next week, Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, for online students. Reminder, there is no school on Friday, September 4. Next week students may attend one live instructional session.

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In-Person Learning Benchmarks Update for Arizona

Legacy Community, As our students, teachers and families are understandably excited to gather together again on Legacy campuses for in-person learning tomorrow, we offer you this update as additional assurance that Legacy school locations are meeting the state guidelines for reopening.

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Onsite Support Services Information for Arizona

Dear Legacy Families, Beginning Monday, Aug. 17, all Legacy campuses in Arizona will offer a physical space for students who need a safe place to go during the day, in accordance with Executive Order 2020-51.

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Delayed Start of In-Person Learning for Arizona

Dear Legacy Teachers and Staff, The Arizona Department of Health Services released new guidance on Aug. 6 for Arizona schools that includes specific public health benchmarks to assist schools in their decision to safely reopen in-person. 

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FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2020

Back to School Information for Nevada

Legacy Families, The 2020-21 school year is going to be starting in a few weeks! As we continue to prepare for another exciting year, we wanted to send you a quick email with important updates.

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FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2020

Back to School Information for Arizona

Legacy Families, Yesterday, Governor Ducey released an executive order related to the reopening of schools in Arizona. After careful review of the order, we plan to move forward with our current return to school timeline, with in-person learning starting Aug. 17.

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Healthy Practices

Healthy Practices

Legacy Traditional Schools will follow strict health guidelines to ensure the safety of our students and staff when on campus.
Click the red links for more details.
Legacy Traditional Schools will follow strict health guidelines to ensure the safety of our students and staff when on campus. Click the red links for more details.
Personal Protective Equipment
  • Students and staff will be expected to wear face coverings while on campus when 6 ft. distancing is not possible as required by state/local authorities. If the authorities lift this restriction, face coverings will then become recommended but optional.Legacy Traditional Schools will follow all guidelines set forth by local and state officials.
  • Face coverings will be made available for students on an as needed basis.
  • If a staff member with a disability needs consideration of reasonable workplace accommodations, Human Resources should be contacted to engage in the interactive process.
  • If a student with a disability needs consideration of accommodations, parents should contact the school’s principal.
  • The use of other personal protective equipment, like gloves, is optional for both students and staff.
  • Medical-grade face coverings and gloves are required for Health Assistants (and Health Assistant Subs/Backup Staff) when interacting with adults or children experiencing injury or illness.
  • Medical-grade PPE will be provided to staff who, in the course of their daily assignment, may come into contact with bodily fluids. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the staff member’s supervisor.
  • Face coverings and gloves are required for food services employees.
Daily Health Screenings
  • All staff and students will be expected to conduct a self-screening of body temperature and COVID-19-related symptoms prior to reporting to the school building.
  • In alignment with CDC guidance, Legacy has identified a body temperature of 100.4 or higher and/or any COVID-19/flu symptoms as criteria to substantiate staff and student absence from school.
  • If fever or symptoms are present at the time of self-screening, students must report fever/symptoms to the attendance line.
  • If staff or students do not have a thermometer at home, they may report to the Health Office and/or screening staging area (site dependent) when arriving to the campus to have their temperature taken.
  • When a student or staff member has been required to stay home from school: (a) following a positive test for COVID-19; (b) after showing symptoms of COVID-19; or (c) after recent close contact with a person with COVID-19, the school will implement the following mitigation strategies related to re-entry on the school campus. Such individuals will be permitted to return to school for on-site support services or in-person instruction, upon compliance with CDC and local health official guidelines, which currently provide:
    • Following an Illness Suspected or Confirmed to be COVID-19: After …
      • At least 10 days* since symptoms first appeared; and
      • At least 24 hours with no fever without use of fever-reducing medication; and
      • Symptoms (such as cough or shortness of breath) have improved.
        *20 days if severely ill or immunocompromised.
    • Following a Positive Test for COVID-19 but without Symptoms: At least 10 days have passed since the positive test.
    • Following Recent Close Contact with a Person with COVID-19: 14 days after the exposure.
    • Following a Negative Test but with Symptoms:
      • At least 24 hours with no fever without use of fever-reducing medication; and
      • Symptoms (such as cough or shortness of breath) have improved.
Hand Hygiene
  • Staff and students are required to wash their hands every two hours with warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Students in grades K-5 should wash their hands when entering class each morning, at 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., before and after all special area classes, when leaving the room, before and after lunch, before and after recess, before and after leaving class to use the restroom.
  • Students in grades 6-8 should wash their hands when entering class each morning, when entering each new class of the day, before and after lunch, and before and after leaving class to use the restroom. Teachers are expected to facilitate this and ensure it occurs.
  • Students leaving class for any outside services should wash hands before and after leaving the classroom.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the office and classrooms to be used throughout the day. Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer as well.
Student Health Office Operations
  • The Health Assistant and/or a designee will report to the Health Office or the designated staging area daily to conduct temperature screenings for any students and staff who wish to have an onsite screening rather than conducting a self-screening at home.
  • .Teachers should be mindful of Health Office capacity limitations and use best judgment when determining the need to send a student to the Health Office.
  • Only urgent needs that cannot be addressed within the classroom will be attended to in the Health Office to avoid overcrowding.
    • Medication
    • Students with chronic illness / Health Action Plans
    • Acute injuries
    • COVID-19/flu symptoms
  • The Health Assistant will sanitize the cot and any equipment used with a student and will change PPE before seeing the next student
  • Each teacher will receive a first-aid kit containing basic supplies (gloves, gauze, bandaids, instant ice packs) to allow minor scrapes/injuries to be addressed within the classroom where possible.
  • If a student borrows clothing from the Health Office after an accident or injury, the clothing should be returned to the school freshly laundered. The school will rewash all clothing on-site, as a safety precaution, onsite prior to returning it to the Health Office’s extra clothing closet.
  • Campuses must designate an isolation area on campus for individuals exhibiting symptoms until they are picked up. Once used, the isolation area should not be occupied by any other individuals until it has been cleaned/sanitized. A back-up isolation area may be necessary based on the number of symptomatic students/staff present in the school and/or the frequency of symptomatic cases. Campus must determine staff supervision for the isolation area when needed.
  • If there is a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, the school will issue a notification to the parents of students who have affiliation to the individual who tested positive in alignment with county and state health regulations.

Safely Returning

Safely Returning to School

Legacy Traditional Schools’ procedures for safely returning to school focus on implementing CDC recommendations related to physical distancing and gatherings to limit the number of people on campus as is possible.
Click the red links for more details.
Legacy Traditional Schools’ procedures for safely returning to school focus on implementing CDC recommendations related to physical distancing and gatherings to limit the number of people on campus as is possible. Click the red links for more details.
Physical Distancing
  • Physical distancing expectations must be adhered to by all staff and students to the extent practicable and feasible.
  • Care will be taken to remain 6’ apart when possible.
Capacity Limits on Campus
  • Capacity limits will be set for all rooms on campus, and the limits will be enforced at all times.
  • Only students enrolled in each class will be allowed in their classroom. Students may not visit classrooms they are not assigned to throughout the day.
  • No more than three classes of students at a time will be allowed in the gymnasium or cafeteria.
  • In the cafeteria, tables will be set up single-sided and students will sit with a maximum of four students per bench.
  • Only one grade level will use the playground for AM/PM recess. Campus admin will create a staggered schedule for their school.
Employee Workspaces
  • Employees with individual offices should work inside the office with the door closed
  • Teachers will work in their assigned classrooms during independent work time with the door closed.
  • Staff that do not have a classroom or office space on campus will be assigned a “home base” by their principal within a classroom to assist with contact tracing.
  • Staff will work within their assigned work area unless otherwise directed by administration.
Front Office
  • The reception desk in the front office should have tape on the floor to indicate 6 foot distance.
  • When parents are completing an early pick-up or late drop-off, they will drop their ID in a bin and step back so that the secretary can examine it without handling it. Once checked in, the parent can retrieve the ID.
In the Classroom
  • Desks will remain in rows in a gridlike pattern. Desks should never be grouped or pushed together. If a number of students within a class choose online learning, when possible, teachers may arrange student desks to provide more distancing.
  • Classroom doors will remain closed throughout the day.
  • All hallways will be marked with arrows so students can only walk one direction on one side and another direction on the other side.
  • Students will not be asked to sit on the floor, in circles or in partners/groups at any time.
  • Students should refrain from touching other students.
  • Students should remain in their seat while in class.
  • Students will not share desk supplies, all supplies sent in will be kept in the student’s desk for individual use only.
  • Junior high students using a shared textbook will be asked to use a sanitizing wipe to wipe it down prior to the new class coming in.
Around Campus
  • Students should proceed directly to their classroom upon being dropped off to school. Parents will not be allowed on campus to escort their child to class. Teachers should be in their classrooms at the time drop-off begins.
  • Teachers should consider only permitting one student to leave class to use the restroom at a time, however, professional decision-making must be used in this area if a child does not feel well or if there is another urgent need.
  • Teachers should eliminate the use of shared/reusable restroom or hallway passes. Students should receive a post-it or other disposable note to throw away upon return to class.
  • Library books can still be checked out but must be sanitized by the librarian upon return. Library books should not be checked out to a new student upon return for at least 24 hours.
  • Water fountains should not be used to drink directly from, but can be used to fill a water bottle. This will help to mitigate the transmission of germs. Water bottles should be required to have the student’s first and last name clearly visible to avoid students accidentally grabbing the wrong water bottle.
  • Legacy Kids Care admin should assign classrooms that will be utilized for grade level homework times and the gym/cafeteria/and outside time should be on a rotation with those assigned classrooms to ensure that large groups are not in one area at any time.
  • Legacy Kids Care drop-off procedures will be sent to those enrolled in a separate communication.
  • The school will ensure circulation of outdoor air as much as possible. Activities, including some lunches, may take place outdoors, if possible.
Mozart and Momentum
  • Physical education classes will be held outdoors to the greatest extent possible. Staff and students may remove masks when outdoors and when observing 6 foot physical distancing.
  • Band classes: Students will not be able to play instruments and must remain in masks. The class will consist of more general music instruction until further notice. If and when masks are no longer required by state and local authorities, band classes may resume.
  • Choir classes will be held as scheduled. Masks will be required while singing unless there are changes to municipal, county, and state mandates.
  • Students will not be able to be picked up through the office or from the classroom.
  • Parents will only be able to pick up students utilizing the Driveline process.
    • If students are in need of accommodations (due to age or disability) for pick up and/or drop off, parents should contact the classroom teacher to initiate. Staff can be assigned to assist students getting in and out of vehicles so that parents can remain outside of the school.
  • Visual markers/dots will be used on the cement at Driveline to identify where students should stand to wait for their parent’s vehicle while maintaining safe distancing from others of 6 feet.
  • Students may also be walkers and leave school on foot.
  • Campus principals may consider a more staggered schedule for pick-up to be communicated to families
  • Staff and students may remove masks while outdoors and while observing 6 feet of physical distancing during Driveline.
  • The School will monitor absenteeism patterns among both students and staff and may alert local health officials about large increases in student and staff absenteeism, particularly if absences appear to be due to respiratory illnesses.
Large Group Gatherings
  • To the extent practicable, gatherings will be kept as small as possible.
  • For students, large group gatherings are defined as more than one class of students and the accompanying staff necessary to supervise.
  • For staff (when students are not present on campus), large group gatherings are defined as the sustained congregation of more than 10 individuals.

Student Gatherings

  • Flag Ceremony will not convene in person. It will be done remotely over the intercom each morning. Students will participate from their classrooms.
  • Lunch will be conducted through the implementation of a staggered schedule to limit group size. See the Food Service section for details.
  • Classes will not be combined.
  • No campus events will be scheduled until further notice.
  • Emergency evacuation drills will be practiced in small groups so that students are prepared in the event there is a need to engage in an actual procedure. However, the drills will not be held on a campus-wide scale to avoid unnecessary large group gatherings. See the Emergency Drills section for more information.
Food Service
  • Students in grades K-6 will alternate between eating in the cafeteria and eating in the classroom to decrease the size of the group gathering.
  • Students in grades 7-8 will eat in the cafeteria daily but will alternate meal and recess times to decrease group gathering size.
  • For students eating in the cafeteria, lunch will be served from the counter, cold lunch only.
  • A salad bar will not be offered
  • Students will not touch a device to type in their number to pay for lunch, only staff will.
  • Markings will be placed on the floor to maintain 6’ physical distancing while in line.

Grades K-6 Lunch

  • Principals will create a staggered lunch schedule for classrooms and will assign classes a rotating schedule to ensure that no more than three classes eat lunch in the cafeteria per lunch period. (Exception: at the Surprise campus, no more than four classes per lunch period may eat in the cafeteria due to the larger size of the cafeteria.)
  • Classes that are not assigned to eat in the cafeteria on a given day will eat in the classroom.
  • Students purchasing lunch on the assigned days they are eating in class will go to the cafeteria to get the cold lunch, then return to class.
  • All classes will attend lunch recess daily.

Junior High Lunch

  • A staggered lunch schedule will be created without modifying the bell schedule
  • All students will keep the same lunch time, half of the students should play then eat and the other half should eat then play.
  • Campuses can decide how to determine splitting the groups of who eats and who plays when.
  • Campuses also have the option of assigning half of the junior high to eat outside picnic style on the grass, the other half inside and alternate days.
  • Junior high students will not eat inside classrooms.


  • Breakfast will be served each day from 7:30 – 8 a.m.
  • Tables will be set up one-sided, so that all students are facing one direction (the same as during lunch) for physical distancing purposes
  • Students will sit no more than four to a bench
  • Students will stand in line and follow 6-foot physical distancing expectations with the assistance of visual cues on the floor
  • Staff will monitor to ensure that no more than four students sit on a bench.
  • Students will report directly to their classrooms after eating.
Extra-Curricular Activities


  • Teachers will only tutor students in their own class
  • Students may not attend tutoring sessions of other teachers in other rooms
  • Students arriving to tutoring must go directly to the class

After School Sports

  • Only athletes and coach will be allowed at practices
  • Sports equipment will be cleaned/sanitized after each practice/game
  • Athletes should use hand sanitizer before and after games and practice, students should bring their own sanitizer.
  • Water and personal athletic equipment will not be shared
  • Coaches will remind players not to “spit” when participating in outdoor activities
  • Only immediate family (parents and siblings) may attend games as spectators
    • Campus will schedule staff to work entrances to monitor only allowing parents to enter.
    • Schools may consider giving game passes out to parents so they must show this to enter.
    • Spectators are asked to adhere to physical distancing
    • Spectators must comply with face covering mandates in the municipality, county, or state in which the game is held upon entry and for the duration of the game
  • Additional COVID-19 waiver to be signed by all athletes
  • Face coverings will be required for athletes and coaches in alignment with active municipal, county, and state proclamations and executive orders

After School Clubs

  • Postponed until further notice in person
  • Campuses may choose to offer virtual clubs

Field Trips

  • Postponed until further notice
  • Teachers may consider virtual field trips to enhance learning

Musical Performances

  • Postponed until further notice
Emergency Drills
  • Fire Drills will be scheduled by grade level, not schoolwide to avoid a large group gathering. Site administration will create a monthly schedule to ensure all classes practice once monthly.
    • The audible alarm will not be used due to the frequency of drills.
    • Evacuation via exit routes will be practiced by each class monthly.
  • Campus Alert Drills and Lockdown Drills will also be scheduled by grade level to practice procedures.
    • These drills will be scheduled by grade level
    • One drill will take place in the Fall and one will take place in the Spring

Parents of Enrolled Students

  • Schools remain closed to all parents, visitors and guests, with the exception of parents picking up a child from school early or dropping off a child late.
    • Before entering the office, parents must read all signage and be prepared to comply with active municipal/county/state mandates related to face coverings. If a mandate is in place and a parent does not have a face covering, entry will be denied and an alternate accommodation will be offered to complete drop off or pick-up.
    • Parents should stand 6 feet back from the office desk
    • Secretaries should handle Raptor for parents needing to sign students in/out of school for early release or late arrival
    • Parents should read all signs for specific campus level instructions.
  • Parents should check-in/out of LKC per LKC policy which will be emailed to families enrolled in that program in a separate memo

Central Office Employees

  • Central office employees may visit campuses for essential business and will follow all campus protocols when visiting.

Staff Visitors

  • Teachers may not have any personal visitors on campus, regardless of whether school is in session
  • No staff other than the evening facilities crew should be on site before 6 a.m. or after 6 p.m. (with the exception of the opening or closing LKC staff)
  • No staff should be onsite on the weekends

Prospective Parent Tours

  • Pre-scheduled, limited attendance tours will be held on each campus from 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays in 30 minute increments, to be led by campus administrators.
  • Tour should include visiting the front office, one designated classroom, the gymnasium, one music room and one outdoor playset only, no other locations and must follow the same path on each tour
    • Principals must share specific tour locations with Facilities Managers so as to not disrupt the evening cleaning schedule
  • Tour Guidelines
    • Tours limited to parents only, no other family members and no children
    • The visitor’s temperature must be taken at the door and be lower than 100.4 to enter. If any tour participants’ temperature is at or above 100.4, the entire tour group will need to be rescheduled. Campus to provide thermometer.
    • Only the tour guide should touch doors when opening.
    • Use hand sanitizer before and after each tour.
    • Visitors and the tour guide must wear face coverings.
    • No hand shaking.
    • Remain 6 feet apart and respect physical distancing.
    • Tours limited to one family at a time
    • Tour must not enter any area where LKC is being held
Back to School Night
  • Back to School Night will be held as a minimal contact / remote event. The events will be held at published dates and times, but will take place using a combination of remote and in-person engagement strategies to maintain safe social distancing before Legacy is ready to welcome back parents and visitors.

Remote Engagement

  • Teachers will be available live via videoconferencing to “meet” their students.
  • Date and time will be arranged and communicated by the school.
  • Teachers will pre-record a video message for any students who are unable to attend the live, remote event.

Minimal Contact In-Person Engagement

  • Tables will be set up out front of the school during all driveline time for parents needing more information on driveline, lunch, LKC and other general questions.
  • Student Health Services personnel will be available for intake of student medication. Parents will need to drop off medication in original prescription bottles and adhere to the medication policies in the Student Handbook.
  • Teachers will all be assigned a day/time where parents can drive through the Driveline to say hello before the first day.
  • Teachers will be able to give parents their welcome packets during this drive through event to include items such as driveline signs, welcome letters, syllabus, etc.
  • Teachers will collect school supplies during this time. Supplies should be in a paper bag labeled with the students name and teacher name, and fastened closed. Teachers will be sure all items get to each student’s desk for the first day.


Cleaning & Sanitizing

Following CDC guidelines, Legacy Traditional Schools has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures to ensure our campuses are safe for students and staff.
Click the red links for more details.
Following CDC guidelines, Legacy Traditional Schools has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures to ensure our campuses are safe for students and staff. Click the red links for more details.
General Guidelines
  • The campus Facilities team will oversee cleaning and sanitizing efforts throughout the campus for daily routine cleaning, sanitizing of high touch surfaces, and deep cleaning after large group gatherings.
    • They will wear gloves while cleaning/sanitizing and will wash their hands afterwards, using the handwashing and hand sanitizing procedures outlined above.
  • Deep cleaning protocols will be implemented following any large gatherings on the campus.
  • If there is a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 within the building, a deep cleaning protocol will be initiated. If a classroom is implicated, efforts will be made to move students to another room. If another room is unavailable, students may be asked to stay home for the day and participate in remote learning while the room is sanitized.
Facilities Team Cleaning/Sanitizing Responsibilities
  • The Facilities Team will sanitize high-touch surfaces using a dual-purpose cleaning solution for high-touch surfaces, which include tables, chairs, countertops, and door handles. Hospital spray will be used on items that cannot be wet.
  • Evening custodians will sanitize the entire facility (including all classrooms, floors, sinks, toilets, countertops, desks, chairs, and door handles) each evening using hospital spray and other custodial cleaning supplies. LKC rooms will be cleaned after 6 p.m.
  • Shared playsets and swings will be cleaned using sanitizing spray between each lunch or recess.
  • Recess balls will be sprayed with disinfectant between each lunch or recess period
Food Service Staff Cleaning/Sanitizing Responsibilities
  • Food Service staff will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in the kitchen such as workstations, door handles, tables, and countertops on a routine basis.
  • Face coverings will be required to be worn for all kitchen staff and washed daily.
  • Will practice proper hand hygiene by washing hands with hot water for 20 seconds. Key times to clean hands include:
    • Before and after work shifts and when leaving and returning to kitchen
    • Before, during, and after preparing food
    • After putting on, touching, or removing cloth face coverings
    • Before putting on and taking off disposable gloves when performing food prep
Staff Cleaning/Sanitizing Responsibilities
  • All staff will be responsible for sanitizing assigned computer keyboard and screen daily
  • All staff will wipe down conference rooms with disinfecting wipes or a towel with a cleaning solution after each use throughout the day
  • Lunch Aides will sanitize tables and benches between each lunch group
  • Playground Aides will assist facilities with sanitizing equipment/balls between each group
  • Teachers will sanitize mobile computer carts and computer labs between each use
  • Health Assistants will sanitize the Health Office every two hours
  • All staff will clean phones/headsets every two hours

Contingency Plan

Contingency Planning

Legacy Traditional Schools is prepared to respond in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak or change to school operations.
Click the red links for more details.
Legacy Traditional Schools is prepared to respond in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak or change to school operations. Click the red links for more details.
Safe Operations Criteria
  • Principals will continually monitor the metrics that make operating the school a safe and healthy decision.
  • If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 within the school or another situation that causes undue concern relative to the safety of students,, the principal will consult with the District COVID Task Force to determine if it is safe to continue operating the school, or portions of it. The Task Force will determine whether or not an interim closure should be implemented.
Online Learning School Option
  • In the event that school operations are determined to be unsafe to continue for an interim period of time, notice will be provided to parents and all students will convert to an online learning environment until it is safe to return to the school building.
  • During interim online learning, students will receive access to core academic instruction as well special education and related services, as appropriate. To the extent practicable, access to learning opportunities will be provided in special area classes.