Mozart Performing Arts

Finding Inspiration through Music

We don’t cut creativity, we expand it

You’ve probably seen lots of school districts making cuts to programs in their schools, for whatever reason. Many times, music and performing arts are the first things to go. That is really unfortunate, because in the end, it’s the children (and their creativity) that really feel the cuts. We created the Mozart Performing Arts program to help our students find inspiration through music.

A school within a school

The Mozart Performing Arts Program encourages students to expand their passion for music and performance as they participate in music classes four days per week. Music classes include piano class, instrumental music, and general music. Younger students sing, play instruments, listen, and move to music. Older students build on those foundations and continue with music history, music theory, vocal performance, and instrumental specialization.

Program features

Class Piano – Students learn basic keyboard skills in our state-of-the-art piano labs. Teachers can communicate and provide feedback to each student through headsets, allowing everyone to learn without distraction.

Instrumental Music – Students in 4th grade and beyond can select from a band or string instrument to perform with other students. They learn the basics of their instrument as well as concert literature, note reading, and performance. They have evening performances throughout the year to showcase what they have learned.

Vocal Performance – Students have the choice to refine their skills as part of a choir or choral ensemble. The program helps students learn vocal technique, rhythm, melody, harmony, articulation, balance, blend, and dynamics. They showcase their progression through evening performances featuring a variety of music styles.

Music History and Theory – Mozart students will learn music history and theory. They will gain an appreciation of musical theory through games, movement, singing, and exercises.

"I think the confidence that our daughter has gained by exploring the arts [has] manifest itself in many different ways. She is now taking part in a professional theater with adults, and holds her own in that environment. "