District Quill

August 27, 2020New Lunch Processes

Our Food Service team has implemented new procedures in the lunchroom this year, to ensure that students who purchase meals are able to go through lines quickly and have sufficient time to eat, while maintaining physical distancing. 

We have printed student ID cards which have been placed in lanyards for students in all grades. Each teacher will provide students with their ID and lanyard which they can use to purchase lunch and breakfast. We have also purchased new handheld scanners, which will allow Food Service teams to quickly scan ID badges, to ensure a contact-free lunch experience. 

Additionally, all of our meals will be pre-bagged to include student meals, fruit and vegetables, and any condiments.

We are excited to inform you that we will also be adding at least three hot entrees to our menu every week. This will begin shortly after Labor Day. 

We hope knowing that these processes have been established will help students and families feel comfortable purchasing meals.